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>> Friday, July 16, 2010 funny!


open mic performance 'love'

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

here is my open mic performance at the livest open min spot in toronto 'acoustic soul' held at the trane studio...enjoy!


a true love story never ends

>> Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i’m here.
here is a funny word
knows no distance but speaks of closeness and
patient persistence.
here sighs and mumbles in vain,
always remembering that love, that joy, that peace, that happiness
that fire....eternal intense fire
that keeps them here.
keeps them close.
knowing that they will never leave.

i’m here.
here sings the blues while playing sweetly on a hand carved
spanish guitar, caressing black lines on a creased and worn white hope
with tears of expectancy and pain,
wondering when the notes played will change.
here, plays those same notes the birds sing, while
beating their wings, filling the air with the scent of flying free
but here adds it’s own twist, capturing late night conversations
and turning 'i miss you’s' into melodies lovers can dream to,
whispers through curly connections of the day when here will also fly free
meanders through the night as the spanish guitar sings, and sings, and sings
sings the blues to the blue midnight.

i’m here.
gazing into the searching midnight
the last notes fading ,
here passes the dark with reminicings of
earth shattering merges
and the smell of salty dew on freshly loved flesh.
replaying intellectual musings while one lay on white fluffy pillows
and one on heaving chest.
star light, start bright first star i see tonight...
each dying ball of light mark here’s yearning calendar
sparkling off the months, days, hours, and time until here is
breathing in sweetly inhaled, exhaled air again.

i’m here.
here, never leaves. doesn’t know how
here doesn’t let go. here knows no limitations
even as the door closes
here becomes love’s bodyguard
silently calling, loudly waiting,
never too far away to come back.
here is unassuming, what you see,
memories of what you smelt, tasted, and felt
is what you get, it’s your’s until the end of time.
the greatest poet
communicating through unwavering lines
spoken words of support and understanding
unspoken words of wonder and open eyed gazes
at such beauty,
pink impressions on white healers speak
‘you’re perfect just the way you are’

i’m here.
here is a funny word
knows no distance
but speaks of closeness and
patient persistence.
comprehends that time is an enemy to all,
but love is everlastingly joyful.
and when here reaches that joy
even if for 5 minutes of an eternity
here will sing of the love, peace and happiness achieved
and will forever resonate through the hand carved spanish guitar
‘and should eternity end
and start all over again, even then....’
...i’m here.
written to cactus blue by acoustic alchemy.


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