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>> Friday, April 16, 2010


stroke of genius

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

sooo, i was driving home one night and had the most amazing idea!!!!

instead of sirens, what if police cars played the theme to 'COPS'? picture this.....you are crusing on the highway and you see a car speeding unreasonably fast, close behind that car you see the flashing lights of a police car, but you hear the undeniably cool beat of inner circle's bad boys...tell me you wouldn't be bumping to it....the driver in the speeding car would be bumping hard to that too.

let me know what you guys think...


a love ostentatious

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

this poem was very intense for me to write, at one point i had to stop and cry...i mean really cry....enjoy

A love ostentatious
like a million raindrops
fall to the earth in shapes of delight, passion and pride
prancing on globes painted with the lives and thoughts of men
you smile flirting with my heart
you dance, in vain attempts to pull me into your romance
you write poems of everlasting love and raging jealousies
catching my eyes with a million pen strokes not defined by time
scribing out my name as it falls unheeded to the ground
in shapes of love, needs and wants
your want of me

like the indigo wind blowing through
trees of roses and honeysuckles
wants an audience of one
bending the atmosphere to your fragrant breath
mighty gusts of adoration
cause strands of hair to flow around the frame
of my face, our face
and you take a picture
name it beauty
and show it off to your father
claiming me before the world knew me

but I knew you not
and so a love ostentatious
like a million raindrops
falls to the earth in shapes of pain, desire and intense fire
a cross
carried on your back, in vain attempts to
garner my attention
as I gaze on worldly affections
a cross
carried on my neck,
brightened dark colors sparkle in darkened states
as I cry out to truth, not knowing the curses I cried were for you
and in response you rise towards the sky unashamed in your love for me
exposed to the spittle of stank breath
like a million raindrops
bending my will to your ocean of tears
drowning me in currents of mercy, grace, and acceptance
I look up at you
shocked and slightly amused at such an expression of I love you….

my salty trail causes strands of hair to stick to my face, our face
like the green grass surrounded by a million raindrops
falling to the ground in shapes of eternity, cravings, and forgiveness
your thunder claps at my pleas of repentence
bending my will to your affectionate kiss
mighty gusts of adoration
accompany our dance
and swept up in your arms
you take a picture of our joy manifested
and name it beauty
and show it off to your father
and he smiles
and writes in the fabric of time
about your ostentatious love for me

a million raindrops: salvations journey

April 6, 2010…la.moi


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