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>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

sooo, i was driving home one night and had the most amazing idea!!!!

instead of sirens, what if police cars played the theme to 'COPS'? picture are crusing on the highway and you see a car speeding unreasonably fast, close behind that car you see the flashing lights of a police car, but you hear the undeniably cool beat of inner circle's bad boys...tell me you wouldn't be bumping to it....the driver in the speeding car would be bumping hard to that too.

let me know what you guys think...


Eddie Monday, April 12, 2010  

lmao! that would never get anyone to actually stop. im sure people would continue speeding just so they could keep hearing the song :-P AAAAAAND....what if its crooked cops after u REALLY want to get beat down to the "cop" theme song? lmao

ms.rubies Tuesday, April 13, 2010  

eddie, why did you have to throw warm beer on my idea? lol...

Eddie Tuesday, April 27, 2010  

shhh..its not beer...lmfao jk jk jk jk :-D :-D

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