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>> Monday, August 2, 2010

hey everyone!
i've been MIA, as i hope you've noticed. since the blog-a-day challenge ended, i've been on a hiatus from blogging, and in that time i've realized that i have lost the passion to blog continually...i don't know what that means for 'pearls and rubies' right now, but i'll be here until i find out.

life has gotten really crazy for me, yesterday (aug 1) i was a part of the irie music festival. what an amazing opportunity! i shared 4 pieces (i make love to words, anonymous lives, love, and butterflies) with a crowd of great people, sharing a stage with 3 other great spoken word artists, and i got paid for it!

starting this thursday, i will be a part of a apollo style competition consisting of singers, mc's and spoken word artists called 'lyme and tings' and not only that, i was also chosen to help promote the competition by appearing on tv doing a piece...whew

i also have a show coming up in septemeber...whew again.

poetry guy (sweet thing) and i have gotten back together, and i am sooo happy it's crazy how happy he makes me.

also, check out my poetry blog where you can buy prints of my pieces coupled with my photography.

that's it for updates for now.


pCubed Friday, August 06, 2010  

Someone is getting quite good with the live entertainment :)

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