no more lyme for me...thank you

>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i hate to admit it but i'm discouraged. it's like i want to write really badly...but, it's just whatever.

August 5th was the first night of the Lyme and Tings competition, it's set up american idol apollo style, complete with judges (4) and a bell if they want you to stop because they weren't feeling you. i was third on the roster, nervous as hell, but i knew i was gonna kill it. and i did with 'skin on skin'. 2 judges were feeling me, 2 gave great constructive criticism, the audience loved me....
a number of the contestants after me, got stopped in the midst of their performances, many of them straight up sucked...

but at the end of the night, i got cut. and it hurt. really badly. the nightmare i had a few nights prior to the show actually came true.
maybe i was too over confident, thinking i'm this hugely great thing, when in essence i'm not.....because i got cut. mind you, i didn't go looking to be in this show, one of the producers came up to me after seeing me perform and asked me to be in it, i told her no but she wouldn't take no for an answer. not only did getting cut stir up a hidden thing (i don't even know what to call it), but it helped me reach the decision that i highly doubt i will ever be a part of a competition ever again.

ohh, and then one of the judges who was last years winner went up and sang. O_o
it was unimpressive. very unimpressive. they need a new winner....

and the whole night even before i heard the results, i was saying to myself ' i hope sweet thing won't be disappointed in me '...because i just knew i was going to get cut.


The Single Chick Tuesday, August 24, 2010  

I think I'm kind of a hypocrite.

I really enjoy poetry slams and competitions, but I would never compete with my own writing. Maybe I'm a chicken. Scratch that. I am a chicken, but I don't think that's quite it......I've only been able to get up the courage to step in front of a mic by telling myself that it's not a competition - that I'm not there to try to be better than anybody else. So I write with that thought....I think people take in your work differently if they know their purpose is to judge it.

I'm sorry you got cut. I love your writing and I hope to hear some more of it soon.... Wednesday, August 25, 2010  

i agree with you. i enjoy them too and have a new found respect for people who do them.
i don't think i'm strong enough to be judged like that, and what's so wrong about never being strong enough?

thanx for your encouragement!

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