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>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a new week, new randoms, and new opportunities. though last week may have been great, it's time for us to move on.

last week i fasted and it was great! hard, as it puts your body under subjection by denying it what it needs most...food, but it enriches and strengthens your spirit, because you indulge it in what it needs most...God.
so i feel good, my relationship with my heavenly father is getting stronger and stronger, it blows my mind how much things have changed since i posted my update on my old blog it's been like 4 months, but feels like a lifetime.

saturday night was the icing on the cake! my younger brother and i went to a youth/young adult meeting called 'exodus' and God was sooo huge in that place, the worship was amazing, but the word...OMG...the word was what pushed it over the edge.  the message by glenn bodansky aka white tyrone was on the keys that lock the doors of the devils work out of your life and unlocks the doors of God's amazing work in your life and the lives around you...right!? OMG....it was great. (if you want more info on the speaker or the message hit me up via email or messenger)

here is a few of the songs the worship team sang, that can give you a glimpse into my excitement :)

during the above song, at the part he says 'lift my hands and spin around', this little girl, 4-5 years old starts spinning at the altar until she fell in pure joy..it was such a beautiful example of the joy and childlike spirit God gives us.


Angel Sunday, May 30, 2010  

I have never fasted but you make it sound like something i need to do.

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