worthy of a second look

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

this is a list of some things that make me look twice, whether with a smile or with a 'wth?'

* extremely bow legged people
* a good looking man or woman
* grown people with braces
* gorgeous shoes
* ice cream
* people with long toenails
* girls with moustaches
* guys who look like girls
* people taking the bus in head to toe name brand
* drivers picking their nose
* girls with trashy weaves
* street preachers
* pregnant women
* men that look pregnant
* cute children
* good looking parents with ugly children
* street performers
* freakishly tall people
* midgets with big behinds
* men that look like pedophilles
* couples making out
* people that look like their pets
* people unashamed of God
* very black skinned people in black clothing
* white people with 'i didn't feel like washing my hair' dreads (see above picture)
* unibrows
* babies that look old
* women who don't wear their size
* men with womanly hips and broad shoulders
* white people in winter jackets, shorts and sandels
* obese people eating obese food


Eddie Tuesday, May 18, 2010  

hahaha oh man! you made my evening with this list! :-D

ms.rubies Tuesday, May 18, 2010  

i'm glad you enjoyed. tag!

Essynce21 Wednesday, May 19, 2010  

to spend one hr in your mind to see what all is going on...

I can only imagine

Jonesy Thursday, May 20, 2010  

lol funny list

Following your blog! please check out mine too when you get a chance, hope you follow back : )


Eddie Monday, May 24, 2010  

tag? ohhhhh you want me to do one too? will do! haha :-P

ms.rubies Tuesday, May 25, 2010  

@essynce...lol, your likely to get lost in the wierdness of my mind.

@jonesy...welcome! thank you for the follow, i will check you out :)

@eddie...haha! i like the trend we are starting with these lists

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