love day #14....everyone's love story

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

a few days ago, i was in the dollar store, and an older east indian woman caught my eye and my attention. she wasn't good looking by any means, and i would even call her ugly, i stared at the wedding ring on her finger and the stands of grey hair and the thought was spoken to me 'she has a love story that no one will ever know.' and that really opened my eyes to everyone around me... everyone has a love story.

the people that we see on the road, randomly passing in and out of our lives, the ones we mistreat because we have a bad day, the ones that mistreat us, and the ones we don't give a crap about...everyone has a love story. a defining love story, one of pain or one of happiness.

since that epiphany, i have been seeing people in a whole new light. let's see if that ephipany changes the way i interact with others.


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