about time...

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010

it felt that it's about time. for a lot of things.

one: another blog a day challenge. i did one a few months ago, and it was great! so challenging and eye opening for me, and as life will have it, it got busy, so i stopped blogging for a while. but it's time for another one. this time i will be doing a theme, and it will on love...i know it's huge and general, but that the's beauty of it.

two: i struggled with this for a while, prayed about it, cried and was scared about it, but i did it! i shared the most painful, dreadful, personal poem about myself. i basically came out to a group of people, many including my friends and a church sister...sweet thing was there to support me and i couldn't have done it without his support. i was terrfied, but i survived through it. i will be posting it, so you all can read it.

i hope all of you are doing well!
love you all *muah*


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