love day #4...fandangle me please

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

 'i love big earrings! if i was eve, that's all i would wear...and some hot heels' -LaMoi

I DO! i lust love big earrings! the bigger the better. my feeble yet valid reasoning is because i have short hair, almost no hair really, so i need something to fandangle my face. you might say 'highlight' i say 'fandangle'. i'm constantly on the lookout for awesome and unique big earrings, like the ones that hurt your ears when you use the phone so you have to take them out, or grin and bear it (i grin and bear it)

my mom hates my lust love for big earrings, she thinks they are loud and vulgar and tacky, i tell her it's because she's old and doesn't understand youthful 27 year old things *shrugs* if you see any or know of any HOLLA AT ME!

and coupled with my hatred of clothes and my obsessive compulsive need for hot shoes...i'm a big earring wearing, hot heeled naked mess. and i LOVE it!



Butterfly Effect Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I love her earrings. And yes they are BIG. I love big earrings too. Especially now that my hair is natural and usually up in a fro, I love the way they accent my face. I'm with you on that. The high heels are pretty but I will have to lose like 50 pounds before I can walk in them pretty. LOL

Da_Kween Saturday, October 09, 2010  

Should've known BE would be on this post...she's a big big earring fan herself. lol Saturday, October 09, 2010  

LOL...thanx for the website BE, big earrings display big personlity :)

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