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>> Thursday, October 7, 2010

what if love is not something to feel, but something to be?

because when love is wrapped up in your feelings, circumstances, situations, and bad days can and will affect the way you act and especially the way love. those around you comment 'you don't seem yourself today', your job suffers, your relationships suffer and your well being suffers. you look less like yourself and more like the miserbale old lady down the street surrounded by cats that aren't even hers.

but when you are love, when love seeps from the depth of your being, no matter what fallacies interrupt your day, love is the only way you know how to be, and so you love unconditionally. facing the world with a different, brighter, more optimistic point of view. even the most hated situations turn out for your good.

i'm trying to teach myself how to be love. how to find love and hold on to it, and melt into so that it becomes
me. i've been in that place with no love and when my love is wrapped up in good days and crapless sidewalks, it gives people power over me, it allows situations to hold my joy captive, only being joyful when i feel to love. so it's time for me to be the love. i own me. God owns me. i own my joy. i own my happiness. it is wrapped up in me.

i am love.
but you can just call me lamoi ;)


Da_Kween Saturday, October 09, 2010  

Yes, you are...

Being love IS the key. Even in your worst days that love shines through. You're so cool. ;)

Anonymous,  Saturday, October 09, 2010  

This is good stuff right here. You wouldn't mind if I used a piece of this as an epigraph for a future blog, would you? Saturday, October 09, 2010  

thank you muchly Afrodeezha and Kali...i am cool aren't i? LOL

for sure Juan you can use it, as long as credit goes where credit is due :)

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