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>> Saturday, October 9, 2010


#1 love me
#2 love me enough to be comfortable any size that i am...even when i gain that extra booty
#3 love my bad hair days, it will force me to be my creative self
#4 love my fear, because it will make me angry enough to stomp past it
#5 love my randomness, because no one does random quite like me
#6 love my past, and accept it as only my past. it has made me who i am and i am not ashamed.
#7 love my inablity to wake up in the mornings, what can i say, God made sleep sweet
#8 love my innappropriate use of the english language, just because i say molest doesn't mean a child is in danger of being touched.
#9 love my tears, happy or sad, there are some days when i need to be emotionally cleansed
#10 love me some more.

what is on your '10 love to do' list?


Da_Kween Sunday, October 10, 2010  

I'll take your 1, 2, 4, (b/c I'm not quite loving my hair right looks like a sheep's ass)

...8 (b/c I STILL say guffaw should mean "awed" or "shocked")

10 of course...if I must add to fill the gaps,

#3 love my propensity to trust even when all the flags, bells, sirens and alerts say NO GO
#5 love my abstinence...b/c the right man will love taking it away ;)
#6 love the rabbits upstairs screwing as I comment
#7 love my skin even though I'm experiencing a bad eczema bout
#9 love that I love beyond all sense or reason

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