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>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

i am a proud jamaican. although i may not talk like it (i've been told i sound like a white girl), nor some may say act like it, i am proud of my heritage, and i love my fellow jamaicans and the bond we have. however, there are moments in which i hang my head in shame, and would deny them in a heartbeat.

the loud brawling moments, the vulgarizing of a beautiful language (patois) moments, the string of cusswords moments, the skin showing, embarrasingly under dressed moments, the gold teeth, skinny jeans, coloured mesh undershirts and break neck weight jewellery moments, the cussing off anyone who breathes in your direction moments, the "pssst, hey daughta moments", jumping on a chick almost killing her at a club moments, the ignorant i will yell until i am right moments, and the fact that other races know not to mess with jamaicans.

i know every culture deals with this, and i have a list of reasons why i love being jamaican, but in moments like these, i'm actually ashamed to say i'm jamaican, and i ask myself, "why, o why can't we do better!"

and then it forces me to contemplate...
is my hatred of their ignorance making me ignorant?


lucci Thursday, January 28, 2010  

geez... i understand how you feel, but nobody gets the chance to choose where they come from. There are moments i bow my head in shame too, my people are known to be loud, bush and lazy, but i refuse to be defined by such qualities,
I'll admit they are not all bad lol

LionsVictory Thursday, January 28, 2010  

Like Lucci said no one gets to choose their heritage. Every ethnic group has a couple of people that tend to shame them. My parents are both West Indian, Trini and Grenadian. They both have done things that make me hang my head in shame but then the good always outweighs the bad :)

Cook.ThePoet. Thursday, January 28, 2010  

Wait im confused, what the hell was she doin in that little tub thing???? lmaoo!!
like were they playin a game or sumthin??
but i feel you doe, im part dominican & im tired of all the loud yellin, singin "platanos con salami", & tryna fight every rican they see [my grl half so i cnt b apart of that lol] but the moments where we be like 'how the hell we cut from the same cloth' you really gotta go 'ok, this moment yall suck but together we're beautiful' cause i will talk someone down if they disrespect my people. if we dont stand up for each other who will?


ms.rubies Thursday, January 28, 2010  

i know, you ladies are quite right. i wouldn't trade my heritiage for anything, i love where i'm from and i adore my 'people', but sometimes i have to shake my head walk away and play

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