love, scabbed knees, and the human pretzel

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

' a hopeful attitude expects the best, is prepared for the worst, and is flexible enough to take what comes.'

the best: love. it amazes me, that when someone tells me they genuinely love me, how hard it is for me to accept it. that's only happened thrice in my life. true love. real love. not 'i love your body' love, or 'i love your sex' love, but 'lamoi, i love you'...i've run from that kind of love. i'm terrified of that kind of love. i've sabotaged that kind of love, because i never think i'm good enough for that kind of love, why would anyone want to love me? but it is that kind of love i should expect to recieve. i deserve that kind of love. i am good enough. so in honor of hopeful attitudes, i will expect and demand to be truly loved, unconditionally loved, a man must love me like my daddy loves me. a friend must love me like my daddy loves me. plain and simple. and i will love, harder, deeper and more sincerely than before, i will love like my daddy.

the worst: failure. unfortunately torn jeans and scabbed knees are a necessary part of life. we all must and will fail, life lessons must be learned. very recently i was in the midst of healing a twice broken heart (can we say damn!). i felt as if i had lost everything, and i had failed miserably, but i learned my lesson. i got up, brushed off, and bandaged up my torn knees, went on facebook and laughed at his new girlfriends bushy eyebrows and mustache and felt better. we all fail, whether it be in love, in family, in business, in school, or at life..failure is a must, so in honor of hopeful attitudes and preparation, i will walk around with bandaids and rubbing alcohol. i will remember that my failures do not make me who i am, but my determination to live does.

flexibility: change. i love change. bun being stagnant and all routine like. everyday is a change waiting to be encountered. change breeds challenge, self awareness, self honesty and enlightenment. shoot, it brings fun, new experiences, new opportunities and new people into your life. change is constant. change viewed through the wrong colored glasses may make new opportunites seem like failures, hence the needed acrobatics when it comes to life. so in honor of hopeful attitudes, i will embrace change, not only that, but i will hike up my skirt, take off my heels and chase after it if i have to, because change brings growth, and this 5"2 1/2 chick has not stopped growing yet.

love. failures. change. hopeful attitudes.


Cook.ThePoet. Thursday, January 21, 2010  

Love the positive outlook
Very inspiration!


♥PrettyPacino♥ Thursday, January 21, 2010  

I'm REALLY feeling the portion about Love... I wonder how many of us would be willing to admit those vulnerabilities... sabotaging love is something so many of us do, yet won't admit. It's hard, but I'm happy for anyone once they realize that they're worth and deserving of true, unconditional, sincere love... I truly believe that our ability to give love like that is intertwined with our ability to receive it... ♥

ms.rubies Friday, January 22, 2010 makin me blush *looking for my roses* lol. thank you so much hun!

pretty pacino... yeah, i agree with you! love really is in us to give, but we have to first know what love is. i never really knew what real love was...the awareness of self truth keeps amazing me.

Girl in My Own World Friday, January 22, 2010  

So, this really made me want to cry as I just went through a BIG change in my life this week and though I say that I view it in a good way, my actions (i.e laying in the bed and such) say something different. You are so right. It is a new oppurtunity! So, I should be saying YAY! :o) I just need to get over my emotions.

I know how you feel about love. I am do not feel as though I don't deserved to be loved that way, BUT I am a bit afraid of it. I guess that my path in life has caused me to wonder - can someone really love you that sincerly with no motives in the backdrop? I am afraid of what may happen in the middle and the end. I should not be afraid, but I kind of am. However, you do deserve for someone to love you girl! You are a beautiful person reserved for the perfect man that God has for you! :o)

Thanks for this post girl! It has truly lifted my spirits! xoxo

Da_Kween Sunday, January 24, 2010  

I love very raw. We are SO going to grow into these huge, rare, exotic, phenomenal butterflies together.

*singing* "Spread my wings and fly a place, that I long for...and my heart will be the pathway...I'm searching for a love that's evermore" ~Troop

ms.rubies Monday, January 25, 2010  

autumn, that is how i sometimes deal with change too, i stay in bed and refuse to face it, but i had to decide to get up and stop letting life pass me still tempted to do it, but i csn't.

kween! i love that we love butterflies! our wings will be inscribed by our favorite poetry lines...

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