frilly dresses for nilene

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

frilly dresses for nilene

in the cool playful breeze, giving relief to the sweat of summer
pink frills splattered with white bows runs away,
scalloped edges of innocent maturity flips up without notice
giving glimpses of the treasure covered with care
by mothers who love, and worry

nations placed in small places bump against nations,
and squeals of giggles run rampant through the air,
as games are played, encouraged by lusts unaware
unseen, by those who see, smile, laugh and cheer

scuffed shoes run, sweat dripping heightened by the chase,
and in feigned deep voices, call out to the wind to lift frilly dresses,
some frilly dresses fall, dirtied by the mud, white bows no longer pure
pink transferred to stains on the cheeks, as treasures are revealed.
looking up searching for a hand to reach down and help,
but watches as scuffed shoes moves on,
other’s reach mommy’s safe arms, vowing to
never play with scuffed shoes again.

and in the cool playful breeze, giving relief to the sweat of summer
boys keep chasing girls for a kiss.

inspired by- random line in a song i heard on the radio jan 26, 2010
thank you to nilene for posing for my camera


Anonymous,  Sunday, January 31, 2010  

This was pretty profound! Great metaphors and I also love the story and the message that is embodied within this poem! Good work girl! :o)

ms.rubies Sunday, January 31, 2010  

ohhh thank you so much, i was feeling bad for nilene, as she was getting no i'm glad you were able to see what i was trying to do with this poem, it makes me sad when i re-read it sometimes.

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