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>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pieces of me

like lights on bare trees, surrounded by the dark beauty
of exposed nakedness, shouting aloud to those who will hear,
pieces of me stretch towards an unyielding sky,
covered with sparkly pretty things,
blinking things,
bright things

why don’t i feel sparkly?
my smile has dimed, my soul is facing the wrong way,
and rare gold, has become mere glitter, trinkets in childish hands
thrown away in the breeze,
my bulbs have blown and the dark beauty
of my exposed nakedness is suddenly ugly.
my eyes blink, but twinkles and stars are replaced by cold slivers of silver
as those named winter, bitter, and cold stand and stare,
pointing, in mocking awe of my scars, the stripped skin yielding glimpses of shame
sharing stories among themselves of glories past when i was once beautiful, and proud,

like lights on bare trees, dejected,
strength as branches once covered with lush green,
now vainly adorned with the white lights of surrender,
i live, constantly living in spite of those who spit and piss on the ground i rise on.
i stand, constantly standing, strong against the vulnerability of my exposed nakedness
ugly, yet darkly beautiful

pieces of me, fragile and hardened stretch towards an unyielding sky midnight blue,
my sparkly pretty things shout aloud to those who will hear,
shouting flickers of light into the fog of self induced arrogance and human thought,
in the midst of deceitful eyes, hearts and written lines,
and the overwhelming stench of undeserved pride.
my smile, shining in glorious contrast against the stinking green of your waste-d energies,
my soul, confident in eternity faces, gazes past the midnight blue,
and rare gold, drip from my branches, falling to naught in the hands of those unworthy.
my bulbs have been replaced, i’ve surrendered to the
blinking things,
bright things.

like lights on bare trees
standing tall, stretching unyieldingly towards an open sky.

inspired by: keyshia cole – sent from heaven
la.moi Jan 26, 2010


Lily Wednesday, January 27, 2010  

That was absolutely beautiful.

& Yesss I will fight for my dreams:D Thankk you.

ms.rubies Wednesday, January 27, 2010  

lily, autumn thank you for the love!

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