cute is for the dogs pt 1

>> Saturday, January 30, 2010

let me begin by saying 'i am a grown woman'
and as a grown woman, i like to date younger guys, i don't know why, it's just what i do. hi, my name is lamoi and i date younger guys. i do however draw the line, i do not, and actually refuse to rob the cradle, i say no thank you to jail bait.

'you are so cute'
that's what he said to me as he gazed into my brown eyes. well, actually first he walked up to my table and asked if he could sit with me. mid chomping on my broccoli, really? what the hell? 'umm i don't know you, but sure go ahead'
shy conversation followed as the 6ft 4, dark skinned, 200 lbs dude tried to talk to my unrelenting, sometimes cold eyes. he told me his name was chad and that he played ball, he worked with little kids teaching them ball, he had one sister and one brother, he was afraid to drive because he was in an accident and it still scares him. he told me he's picky with the girls he talks to and he that he loves my lips.
oh and that he thought i was 'really cute'
we laughed, we talked, we became cool friends.
and then he told me he was 18.
'now what now?' (tasha mac incarnate)

to be continued.....


lucci Saturday, January 30, 2010  

hmmmm.... now what? Well for one, 18 is old enough no?

ms.rubies Saturday, January 30, 2010  

yeah, 18 is old enough, sure, but he's a year younger than my younger sister...too wierd.

Anonymous,  Saturday, January 30, 2010  

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Okay, I just needed to get that out. I say pray about it. Age is just a number to God. I am not going to say that I so much like young boys, but rather they seem to like me because I have a little valley girl voice and people think that I look younger than my 29 years of age. I don't know girl. I will be waiting to see what happens. :o)

♥PrettyPacino♥ Saturday, January 30, 2010  

Lol @ the Tasha Mack... love her! Definitely have incorporated some of her language into my everyday life lol.

But aww...he's the one who seems "so cute". I can't even imaging dating an 18 year old, and I'm just 21... lol. It's just weird. It would be cute to be friends, I guess...until one of his young ass girlfriends were to find out and start hating... we all know how that goes.

Cook.ThePoet. Saturday, January 30, 2010  

uhm hmmm well i'm 18 so imma gonna say old enough so when you decide to cross the bridge i have a chance! l0l! jk
cant wait for the next part to this one


ms.rubies Sunday, January 31, 2010  

autumn..LOL. your nooo cracked me up!

pretty pacino, yeah, my life is somewhat drama free and i don't deal with annoyance well.

cook, lol. the next part wll be interesting, as is the story of my life.

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