>> Monday, January 25, 2010

CMD - chronic male dumbness. the following example of CMD was held between myself and a guy who has been declaring his love for me since he walked up to me one night after i performed and said 'so i think you're gorgeous'... albeit i told him i was involved with someone, to which he later replied 'i will wait my turn'

me : oh for real, you haven't been sleeping?

CMD : yup, been restless, need some p <~~ p? really? how old are you? too shy to spell out the whole thing?

me : wow, ok..lol

CMD : lol, u got any friends? i won't ask u, ur not available, if u were u'd be my first choice <~~ saying lol before or after doesn't make you any less sleazy sorry (in my white girl voice)

me : *blank stare* yeah, that's kinda sleazy

needless to say, even if there was a chance we would get together sometime in the future, after his public display of sleazyness, that is not an option.


Soul Powers Monday, January 25, 2010  

SMDH! I know I said I wouldn't post, but I couldn't help it. Dummy is as dummy does.

Shay Monday, January 25, 2010  

ugh . i hate when guys think lol makes what they said " less sleazy " . NO its still very much sleazy & its a major turn off .

LionsVictory Monday, January 25, 2010  

Yea I wish people would understand "LOL" doesn't make the comment any better! It's a lot of CMD going around.

ms.rubies Tuesday, January 26, 2010  

LOL @soul... chuh! i love you men, but some of you are just stupid.

shay & lions victory... right!?! sometimes i can't fight the stupidty, i just walk away, and i post it.

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