iphone and lcbo bags

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

below is a text message convo between me and my girl aneta, i love her to death, and as you read on, you'll see why. please note, i have kept it as authentic as possible.

aneta: omfg i'm sitting here on the train and there's a guy sitting beside me, and he drunk and he's holding an lcbo bag and he turns to me and goes "i'm dusty don't touch me" omfg i almost puked when he said that his breath reeked and i can still smell it when he breathes omg kill me now like out of every seat on the train he had to sit in this one

me: lmao....omg! that is soo funny! try and breathe through your mouth...and don't make eye contact...

omfg i'm using my scarf as a face mask and fighting off anxiety attacks

omg...please breathe! we need you! can you change seats?

i swear i'd pass for a somalian with my dark hair, my tan and my face gear

lmao @face gear

lol no the train is full

wow! your life for the next few minutes offically sucks a big toe

i think he's sleeping, i don't wanna look tho

no, he may surprise you and his breathe may rape your nose

lololololololol omfg his breath is abusing my sense of smell......omg he's talking to me

and of all the days on the day after your birthday! he couldn't smell stink some other day? chuh! the nerve of some duttiness...

and when denise is not here...fml.....he's talking to me

nooo! you looked didn't you?

omg pass me a shotgun

yup...it sux big toe...lol

ya but my nose is buried in my scarf

don't talk to him! he'll follow you home!

he got off

whew! your nose thanks him...lol

yes hooray for fresh air

this has got to be one of the best text convo's i've ever had...you're greatness

lol i heart you!


SinfulLyo Thursday, February 11, 2010  

yeah i learned to put on the SUPER MEAN MUG in high school because bums on public transportation have no shame and will stink allll over you. ugh i just had a flashback. this guy smelled like absolute liquor, like he sat in a Jack Daniels bath :(

♥PrettyPacino♥ Thursday, February 11, 2010  

uuuggggghhhhh..... lol. I can not deal with body odor... or breath odor... or any of it... just ugh... lol. Funny convo, though!! Still lmao @ face gear :-)

ms.rubies Saturday, February 13, 2010  

sinfulLyo, lol@sat in a jack daniels bath! HILARIOUS

pretty pacino, that's why i kinda miss taking public transit, because you meet the craziest, most interesting people.

tha unpretentious narcissist © Wednesday, February 17, 2010  

lol i hold my breath when i pass by ppl i think smell. before i can even smell them. i just start holding my breath. it's so bad when i'm out folks be like.."stop holding your breath" cause they already know i'm gonna do that shit before we walk past someone.

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