tom browns shoes

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tom Browns Shoes

Tom Browns shoes dances in the cool blue breeze,
the hot sun, unforgiving exposes the torn heels
worn and dirty, it hugs on Tom Browns feet
now the colour of the deepest midnight.
dirty laces serenaded by wings of butterflies past
dangle freely, mimicking the peace found only in this moment,
arms thin, having never lived, never touched, never held
hang at his sides as though the air alone had life,
the heat burning his chocolate skin offer no comfort
as eyes forever surprised gazes at the space within.

Jim Brown laughs as he watches Tom Brown dance
mouth open, gaffawing at his creation, hands dirty and stained with clay
defiled with the insult of his and his before
his joyous laughter creates the soundtrack,
the trees and brushes protest,
this scene has played out before
witnessed by wilted grass blades then green with blood
now trampled under foot
......... time doesn’t heal all wounds.
But Jim Brown lost in the moment mistakes it as
agreement and he christens the day...
golden streams on Tom Browns shoes

The last thoughts of Tom Brown
no one will know for they are hidden,
called to be with those who came before him.

The last thoughts of Jim Brown is written in the sky,
dangeling from a noose,
dancing in the cool blue breeze,
wearing Tom Browns shoes.

Copyright 2008-11-16


Da_Kween Thursday, February 18, 2010  

I read this on FB and I was moved to stillness...(that's a good thing)

You're talent jumps off of you in a sparky, dancing light. Love your life! ;)

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