thoughts on my toilet

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

i wonder if there are any baby alligators/crocodiles getting ready to jump up.


ms.rubies Friday, February 19, 2010  

YEAH! sometimes when i haven't slept for like 2 weeks, i'm scared to use the

Cook.ThePoet. Friday, February 19, 2010  

S M H this is just sad lmaoo
scared and shxt
note: if you hearin hissin or sumthin, ITS YOU PEE'IN L0L!!


LionsVictory Monday, February 22, 2010  

I sometimes wonder the same thing and tend to look in the toilet before I sit lol

tha unpretentious narcissist © Monday, February 22, 2010  

i be wondering the same shit. especially when i'm in

ms.rubies Monday, February 22, 2010  

haha! cook...see i'm not alone in this thought :)

Eddie Wednesday, February 24, 2010  

greatest blog post in HISTORY! :-)

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