apostaday: anonymous lives

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

synonymous with being forgotten
laid to rest before one’s time,
Nameless faces living nameless lives
As many as the grains of sand, they fall through the crack
Without making a sound
Unsigned lives,
their signatures faded from memory even before the ink dried.

Every day people, facing everyday lives
but every day people don’t make it back alive,
they are born, but breathe unidentified,
with faces resembling images in the mirror
laughing, smiling faces captured in every picture
they are you and I

Yet you and I
smile and walk by
looking in the fading eyes of those unknown
the flickering light of life succumbing to the darkness,
we cringe and turn away,
but we can’t help look back at the poor unfortunate soul
only to find that the wind has come and blown,
as mysterious as they have begun, only a shadow exists to tell of what was
and what was is no longer….

Unnamed they are bear your name
Mysterious they bear evidence to the mystery of life
Why I survive and you die....
Exceptional people in unexceptional lives.

Anonymity, excellence’s greatest disguise.



Eddie Friday, June 11, 2010  

As one can almost always expect, I love it. :-) lol

"Nameless faces living nameless lives" oh man :-]

ms.rubies Saturday, June 12, 2010  

thank you very much eddie :)

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