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>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

temptation sucks. lately i've been battling with something i thought i didn't have to battle with anymore, it's been affecting my dreams, molesting my thoughts and creeping up on my senses as if to prove to me it still has a hold on my body. and a few times i've given in...(and for those of you wondering, it's not sex, i'm still celibate...lol)

but today as i read matthew chapter 4 v 1-11, i was reminded of something. Jesus was tempted too. weak, tired, and hungry, he was tempted 3 times, but he never gave in. and that gives me hope. no matter what temptation comes my way, the courage, strength and surety that Jesus had, i also have. i am no longer a slave to anything, nothing holds me, nothing controls me, i don't have the right to use the excuse 'i'm only human' (which by the way i hate!). i can stand against whatever is trying to prove it's point by tormenting me.

torment me all you want, but like an annoying beetle i can flick you off and cut of your head (zombie reference...i just had to).

i can stand.
*heavy sigh of relief*


Essynce21 Thursday, June 24, 2010  

whatever it is you have my support!!!

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