apostaday: showers and such

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

today was a hectic day. matter of fact yesterday was a hectic day also. and to add to the hectic atmosphere already created, tomorrow and saturday will also be hectic days. my friend is getting married. i am her maid of honor, and her bridal shower is on saturday. enough said.

as i am typing my fingertips are screaming out to me hateful words, like murder and frostbite. creating centerpeices for 8 tables wasn't the bad part, it was wrapping the 40 individual take away gifts as extravagantly as possible (equipped with a mini thank you pic of the bride herself), which has my body exhausted. not to mention the running around and shopping i and another bridesmaid had to do. but all in all it was worth it, she will be so surprised and delighted at the beauty of the set up.

these past few days have rekindled 3 joys inside of me.
event planning,
event decorating,

'take a picture and call it beauty'


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