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>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

i will never understand people's convictions or lack of. more than that i will never understand people's rationale when it comes to right and wrong, and the need to lie (which is hilarious since i am an ex-liar myself)

if you firmly believe that what you are doing is right, why lie about it?
why go through all the deliberate skany motions, why not do your business out in the open, if you really have nothing to hide. it makes no sense to me.
guilt. that deer in the headlights look you get when you lie and lie confident the other party is as much of an ignorant fool as you, only to be headed off by evidence of your buffoonery. guilt only shows up when you know you are doing something that is not kosher, guilt tells you that you need to be shady, that you need to cover it up and lie about it, that you need to come out looking like a heediot because more often than not that is the end result.

smh...i will just never understand it. if you believe what you are doing is right, why spend hours and weeks defending your behavior? you know why you spend hours and weeks defending your behavior? because you know you are/were being a damn fool for your actions, and the feeling isn't even down deep in your heart, it's written all over your face. i guess the conclusion of my ranting is; just be true to yourself and to your motives, if you know you're being shady don't act like you aren't in the wrong and you're so surprised you got caught. even if you get caught, stand up for yourself and be accountable for your stupidity, and when you're feeling guilty realize that is because you are doing something idiotic and it will only make you look idiotic in the end.

end of rant.


i sent out a mass text to my friends and 2 ex's to see their response to the question 'what is something you will never understand'....here are some of their answers...

* i will never understand why animals can understand humans so well, and we are incapable of understanding the things they try to say to us

*women, just women in general

* the existance of God & why women in unpleasant situations continue to have children

* i don't think there is anything that God won't reveal an answer to, if you look hard enough for it. except for those topics that God did not mean for man to comprehend-- like sudoku


Eddie Monday, June 14, 2010  

LMAO@ your friends' responses...pretty funny :-P

and I agree with your rant lol

ms.rubies Tuesday, June 15, 2010  

yeah, my friends are quite amazing.
i knew you would agree :)

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