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>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'You have an opportunity to move to one of two locations (same price for each): A large condominium downtown in a big city, with plenty of amenities and all that downtown has to offer; or a farm (or ranch) with acreage, with gorgeous scenery, in the country with your nearest neighbor three miles away. Where will your moving truck be taking you?' via http://oneminutewriter.blogspot.com/2008/10/todays-writing-prompt-city-mouse-or.html

i am a city girl, always have been and always will be. born in kingston jamaica, i hate anything named country for anything longer than a brief visit. memories of visiting st. catherines for my grandfathers wake and funeral has scarred me for life, right beside the scars from the duppie (ghost) stories i used to hear, and the screams ringing in my ears from driving along the skinniest roads overlooking the massivest drop a life has ever seen. with a night blacker than black itself, sounds coming from holes in the ground and from the trees hanging over my head, fireflies that look like eyes staring into your being, no electricity and OUT HOUSES (vomiting)...country, no thank you!

give me the city anytime. loud  noises, loud cars, is like lullaby music to me. pollution, dirty streets, crowded crosswalks, amazing restaurants, extreme personalities, night being interrupted by the neon lights of entertainment, cars blasting soca and reggae at all hours of the night...beauty in the most annoying ways. city life, yes please!

and honestly, i watch horror movies, most notably zombie movies, i'm not risking a 'gorgeous' scenery for a zombie or a psychotic killer with a chainsaw meandering through my kitchen like 'honey i'm home'


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i'm a country boy. i like it quiet. i like it isolated. i like it space between me & my neighbors.

but if you watch the slasher movies you'll see they all happen in the city. i'd rather have room to get away and run through 8 different rooms. than be stuck in a 1 bedroom apartment on the 6th floor with someone with a machete in my kitchen. you wouldn't even have a chance..lol

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