apostaday: twinkle, twinkle little scar

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

looking into mirrored glass
gives no answers, only more asked
questions of who i am in your sight
big , colourful cover ups, cover all my inner scars
some created by me and some by falling stars.

they fell so brightly, you see
those falling stars
falling from darkness to earth
tumbeling, continually as to call attention
to their glittery promise of self
they looked like beauty

beauty fell right into my open hands
not the saviour i expected, but i accepted,
and so finding myself
i had to touch, stroke and hold close to me
seering my sin into my skin
now a constant reminder to look down
when purity looks at me....

your purity looks at me
looks intently at me
removes the mirrored glass
removes my colourful cover ups
and stares affectedly at my inner scars,
and falling stars burned into my skin
become beauty marks
tales of where i've been
throbbing to the inate music of the forgiven


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